SORBA's Fall membership drive is ongoing through November

SORBA's membership bike give-away drive is still going on until the end of November!

Hawkes Creek Work Day Nov 24th, 2019

Hawkes Creek work day on Sunday November 24th 2019 at 9:30am. We will do some leaf blowing and raking and maybe some weed eating.

A new trail at Trail Creek Park: Comeback Sauce

We are building one more trail at Trail Creek Park. It will be a climbing only trail from the bottom of Widespread and Panic back to the top without crossing any roads! After you finish widespread or Panic and pass the rocky shoals the comback trail will turn right and wind all the way back to the top on the smoothest route we can find. Unfortuantely we had to reroute the last turn on panic but the new final turn will be even better than ever.

The Pump Track at Trail Creek Park is Moving Forward

We finally have permission to start buiding the pump track at Trail Creek Park. Along with the dirt donation from New Urban Forestry we are well on our way. Many of the construction steps will be completed at least in part by contractors, but there will be plenty of volunteer work to do so look out for those opportunities going forward. In the meantime we will start building a return trial from the bottom of Widespread and Panic back to the top.