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Become a member! Our membership helps us show land managers the amount of interest in more trail close to home!

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Take a trail class

If you’re interested in taking a trail building / maintenance or a crew leader training class please send us an email to let us know. Once we have a critical mass of interest we will schedule a class.

We have several ways to donate: Paypal, Trail Care, Luv Trails, and Amazon Smile,

Land managers & owners

Are you a land manager or private land owner interested in planning and building sustainable multi-use trails open to the public? If so please contact us! We can add you as additional insured on our liability policy in exchange for opening trails on your property and signing a memorandum of understanding with us.

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Our applogies that the email list has been silent, expect to see quarterly email starting back soon. For now see news and follow our google calendar for the most up to date content!

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