Education and Advocacy

In an effort to better fulfill our goals of making mountain biking more accessible to everyone within the Athens community, we have created this page to share our goals and initiatives.

Goal One: Growth

We want to grow the number of cyclists in the Athens’ community in a way that better reflects the demographics of Athens.


1) Host more women-centered rides and events in order to strengthen the community of female mountain bikers 2) Create programs that encourage children to try mountain biking in a way that places little to no financial burden on the children’s families (link to pump track page with details about bike library program)

Goal Two: Education

Not only do we want to ensure the safety of everyone on our trails, but we also want to provide opportunities for our members to become skilled in trail maintenance equipment operation, first aid, and other valuable skills.


Host and/or promote clinics that align with important trail skills such as chainsaw operation and wilderness first aid

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