Regarding the recent stretch of seemingly endless rain, please refrain from riding wet trails.  Even after the rain stops, please allow time for the trails to dry out.  Riding them when they are wet causes lots of damage.  If you do find yourself on a trail with standing water, please walk your bike around it if possible or ride right through the middle of it.  We realize instinct tells you to ride around the edges of a puddle, but that will only make the puddle bigger and the problem worse.

Chapter Meeting:  
When: Thursday, July 11th 6 - 7:30 p.m.  
Where: Terrapin Brewery, Athens GA (Driving Directions)
Meetings don't have to be boring.  They can be a lot of fun...especially when they are at your local brewery.  You don't have to be 21 to attend, just to drink beer.  Anyone interested in improving mountain biking options or learning about rides, races, workdays and other mountain biking related events in the Athens area is welcome to attend. We meet in the conference room above the gift shop. Take the stairs to your left just inside the brewery tour entrance. We have lots to discuss (see below).  

The SORBA-Athens 30/30 Project:
Details Here
We made the news! Check out this article in the Athens Banner-Herald about the project.  There is one piece of incorrect information in the article.  The amount of we money we have spent so far at EACP is over $1500 instead of the $1000 mentioned in the article.

SORBA-Athens Members Trained and Certified to use Trail Building Machines: 
Dave Conway, Jud Turpin, Bill Pflueger, and Bruce Johnson recently attended a two day Machine Training Course with Mike Riter of Trail Design Specialists to learn how to use a Ditchwitch SK650 to build trails.  Mike has been building trails for over 20 years and has over 12 years experience building trails with machines.  He built Jack Rabbit, which is a fantastic trail in Hayesville, NC. (find it on our Trails Page).  Our guys learned a lot from Mike about how to build trails the right way and how to do it safely.  We don't want to oversell the capability of machine building, however.  We will be able build trail faster, but not as fast as we thought...maybe 3 times as fast as by hand instead of 10 times as fast, which is what we expected going in.  It will also take more time on the machine before our guys are really proficient.  Bear with us as we continue to improve our skills in the coming months.      

EACP/Trail Creek Parking Request:
ACC has recently added more parking spaces along Trail Creek Street inside the park (green arrow).  Please park in those spaces or in one of the two parking lots inside the park.  Please do not park on the street in front of the house at the trail head.  The neighbor who lives in that house has a toddler and when folks park in front of his house his dogs get riled up and that of course riles up the kid.  He's a nice guy and has politely asked us to not park there.  Since there is ample parking just down the street, we want to honor his request.    

Work Parties:
Hard Labor Creek Work Party
When: Saturday, July 13th, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Where: Hard Labor Creek State Park, Rutledge , GA 30663 (Driving Directions)
This trail system will be a big part of our 30/30 Project.  Bill Pflueger has done a tremendous job spearheading the work at Hard Labor Creek. There are 10+ miles of beginner/intermediate trails there already with more on the way. Here's a trail map.  The Red trail is tight and twisty with some climbing.  The Blue trail is made for speed with long stretches and flowy turns.  Recommended Route: First half of Orange -> Purple Connector Trail out -> Blue Trail out -> Blue Trail back -> Red Trail Loop -> Purple Connector back -> Orange Trail 2nd half.  
Meet at the trail head. Work could include cutting back brush, raking, helping construct bridges or putting up directional signs.  Free parking and trail passes for the day are included. We will ride after we finish working.  Bring gloves, water, and your bike. 

Hart Farms Work Party/Camp Out
When: Saturday, July 20th, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Where: Hart Farms, Crawfordville Road, Union Point, GA 39669 (Driving Directions)
This trail system connects two smaller trail systems into one large challenging ride. The Hart Farms section (also the trail head) contains 12.6 miles of technical trail. The Corry House section consists of 8.8 miles of straighter but no less exhausting challenges currently connected by 5.2 miles (round trip) of road travel down Hwy 278 East. Jacob Meyer has put in a lot of hard work building these trails and anyone who has ventured down to ride them will tell you that his hospitality is legendary.
The plan is to start work at 9 a.m. and work until lunch when we will cook out hamburgers and hot dogs. Then folks can either sit around and drink beer, ride bikes, work on some more trail, or any combination of these things.  Most of the work will be cutting in some new trail on what is called Sockmans Loop.  Bring gloves, water, and your bike...and rogue hoes and mcleods if you have them.  Free camping is available. Hart Farms Facebook Page

Fundraising Update:
Firkin Fridays at The Royal Peasant & the Five Points Growler Tree Hugger Percentage Month:
In May we raised over $3000 from our Firkin Friday Fundraisers and the Five Points Growler Percentage Month.  Many thanks to The Royal Peasant,  Five Points GrowlersTerrapin Brewing Company, and all of our sponsors, who are listed in the contributors section below along with all of the local businesses who have contributed to SORBA-Athens within the last year. Huge thanks to everyone who came out and helped raise money.  We had a blast and hope you did too.  We will be doing more of these types of fundraisers in the future.  $3000 seems like a lot of money, but it will take a lot more than that to complete our 30/30 project.  We need to purchase a 6-way blade attachment which costs $3500 alone.  Ditchwitch machine rentals will cost a lot as well.  Please continue to support our fundraising efforts.  We will use the money we raise to build more trails for you.  

Want to learn how to build sustainable trails?  Here are some great resources:

IMBA's Sustainable Trail Building Overview

IMBA's Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack.  The book costs $40 and is a great investment, but we'll loan you our copy for a bit if you want to give it a read.

IMBA's Trail Building Class on Video (9 part series).  If you watch the videos and use IMBA's Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack (see above) as a reference, you will get the same information provided in the IMBA/Subaru Trail Building Class.

  You can find out more about SORBA-Athens including info on how to join SORBA/IMBA on our club info page.  Membership comes with several benefits including a dvd, a magazine subscription, and discounts from many top biking companies.  Membership is as low as $20 for youth/students under 24, $30 for individuals, and $50 for families.  A big chunk of your membership fee goes right back into building trails in the Athens area.  You can also help us raise money by purchasing SORBA-Athens' own special blend of Jittery Joe's Coffee (Singletrack Mind): $12 each or $10 for SORBA-Athens members.   
  SORBA-Athens Contributors: Sunshine CyclesKrimson KafeBen's BikesThe HubMama's BoyNew Balance ShoesSteak and ShakeKebaBarberitosAthens Bagel CoFuzzy's Taco ShopHome DepotTrader Joe's,  Chain Buster RacingWeevilTifosiCast Iron Bakery, and Pro Gold.  We appreciate the support.  We want to send a special thank you to The GrillThe Royal Peasant,  Five Points Growlers, and Terrapin Brewing Company, who have all made very generous donations.  Please show your appreciation by patronizing these businesses and thank them on behalf of SORBA-Athens.  As always, huge thanks to our volunteers.  We would not have trails to ride on if it were not for you. 

 *If you know of anyone who wants to join the SORBA-Athens email list, please have them send an email to with "subscribe" in the subject.*
 *If you wish to be removed from the SORBA-Athens email list, please send an email to with "unsubscribe" in the subject.*


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